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It’s 1965, the Vietnam War is on, protesters are marching in Washington, muscle cars are rolling off Detroit'’s production lines and shopping malls are being planned and built. In this decade of change, Max Ellias and his son Malcolm decide that they need to open a new department at their Trenton, Michigan, meat market and grocery store -- camping trailers and supplies!!

It was a decade of change, but what a strange combination. Who would believe that you could go down to M & M Market for bread and ham and come home with a brand new camper and all of it's accessories. Well, a lot of strange things happened in the sixties. This unusual combination was the vision of a father and son who saw an opportunity to build upon a business that would grow and become one of the most successful industries of the century.

In 1968 when the family realized that RV’s were the way to go, the coolers and counters were pushed out the back door. With the philosophy that service and safety is #1, they grew their business into a laid back customer friendly store.

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M & M Camping Center * 2960 W. Jefferson * Trenton, MI 48183
*Summer: Monday 9 - 8 * Tuesday - Friday 9 - 6 * Saturday 9 - 4
*Winter: Monday 9 - 6 * Tuesday - Friday 9 - 5 * Saturday 9 - 4
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